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About us

We are a holding company based in the Republic of Paraguay. formed by different Business Units, supported across the board by the Information Technology (IT), created to provide our services and solutions to the world. We present ourselves as an International Business Consultant specialized in topics such as Information Technology and Communications, Foreign Trade, Finance, Medicine and Laboratories, Industry and Production, Building Ventures and Infrastructure Works, Training, Quality, International Relations, Special Projects, Art, Transportation and Logistics, Media, Real Estate and Legal.
We accompany large companies worldwide, collaborating to meet their business objectives and national, provincial and municipal governments with the best solutions for their requirements and citizens.

We specialize in providing the best solution for each need, developing successful projects due to the great experience relating our business partners with those organizations that require it.

Our Mission

To develop CINTechIT to its maximum potential as an International Business Consultant that uses Information Technologies as a tool and offers them to its Clients. We are dedicated to the creation and implementation of solutions permanently relying on innovative criteria and state-of-the-art technologies.
To achieve these objectives, it is essential to have a team of highly trained professionals, with the motivation and commitment necessary to provide high added value to our Clients.

Our Vision

In a world closely interrelated by information technologies, to be a global leader in the provision of innovative solutions for software, hardware, communications, and all those that give us support and added value, such as the implementation of Robotics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence o Blockchain, which allows us to support our Business Units and thus optimize the results expected by our Clients.

Our Role

To be a Group recognized as a "Strategic Business Partner" from each of its Units, chosen by its Clients as a consequence of the accompaniment to each need, for the quality of the solutions provided and the strict fulfillment of the commitments assumed to satisfy the requirements, thus building the bonds of trust necessary to establish long-term relationships based on trust that enable sustained growth over time.

Social Responsibility

• Corporate social responsibility projects form an indispensable part of our activities. Due to the active development of these programs, more and more social benefit projects are added to the registry of good causes of the company.

• The company regularly participates in donations of different kinds, and collaborates from technology in activities that contribute to the noble cause of saving human lives and social assistance.

• We contribute our business responsibility to collaborate in the processes required by the current moment in relation to "Climate Change", our commitment to partner with responsible actors worldwide and work as a team with countries and institutions interested in "Recovery sustained nature”.


Events and News

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We are a highly trained team, we provide a comprehensive service, working hard to develop the best alternatives for your Company, supported by the pillars that we understand important for the success of any project, initiative or process improvement.

Projects Management

PMI, Agile, Kanban, R&D, Analysis and Design, Testing, Implementation, Support and Maintenance, Audit, National and International Tax Advice, Marketing, Coaching


Virtualization, Cloud, Storage, DRP, Backup, Datacenter, IT Infrastructure, Datacenter and Communications, Hardware, Robotics and Drones Development, Aeronautical Industry Technology Infrastructure, Technical Service


Management, Social, BI - Analytics, Web, Mobile, Integration, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Financial Software, Fraud Detection Tools, Process Improvements, Fintech Industry, Logistics and Technology


Recruiting, Interviews, Selection, Training, Manpower

Security and Communications

Networking, Firewall, SOC, SIEM, VCDC (Virtual Cyber Defense Center), Pen Test, Network Engineering, Communications


IOT, AI, Architecture, Robots, VR-AR, Big Data, Biometric Solutions, Microinformatics



Mobile banking, Big data and predictive models, Compliance, Crowdfunding, Cryptocurrencies and alternative currencies, Currency market, Automation and digitization, Risk management, P2P loans, Insurance, Security and privacy, Financial advisory, Trading, Market Research Study, Development and research of Financial Services through Information technologies, Accounting Audits, Investment advice, Relationship with Insurers, Attracting foreign capital for investment, development and growth, Organization and assistance to national and international conferences

Foreign Trade

Import - Export of all types of products that are required by our customers, Organization and assistance to national and international conferences, Import Raw Materials for product development, Export of products with added value

Medicine and Laboratories

Inclusion of new technologies, to innovative medicine systems, Representation of foreign companies that wish to settle and do business with Paraguay, Investments for the medical area in every concept, Government and private advice, Civil Constructions, Quality Control, Generation of National and International Congresses, Activities to attract foreign capital for investment, Research of new health products, Research of specialties and applications of alternative medicines, Organization and assistance to national and international conferences

Industry and Production

Agribusiness, Petroleum Industry, Oil and Gas, Mining Industry, Automotive Industry, Shipping Industry, Aeronautical Industry, Energy Industry, Hydroelectric and Thermoelectric Industry, High and Low Voltage Network Construction Idustry, Tenders, Attraction of capitals for investment, Civil constructions, Organization and assistance to national and international conferences

Building developments and Infrastructure works

Participation in Building Infrastructure Works, Tenders, Hospitality, Travel and Wholesale, Tourism, through intermediation of transports, in the hiring of hotel, in the organization of trips of an nature, excursions , cruise ships, Assistance to travelers, Schools, Equipment, Training, Agreements on Public and Private Works, Organization and assistance to national and international conferences


COACHING , MENTORING, Business activities, Sponsorship of joint work with Business Chambers of other countries, Relationship with Universities selecting potential professionals and their placement in the labor market that is required, Assistance in university training, through international relations, Scholarships and internships, Student exchanges, Organization and assistance to national and international conferences


Quality certification, ISO standards, IRAM standards, International Standards in each Business Area, Training, Organization and assistance to national and international conferences

International Relations

Connection and relationship with all types of companies in the world that allow us to exchange knowledge and experiences, Marketing in all existing and potential Business Units, Organization and assistance to national and international conferences

Special Projects

Creation of Special Projects Area, with national and foreign participation, Advice on current and future activities, technologies or other activity that is required, Temporary association for special projects, Organization and assistance to national and international conferences


Assistance to all types of national and international artists related to the cultural world, Relationship with Artists from other countries, National and international Art Exhibitions, School of Fine Arts of Paraguay, Organization and Assistance to national and international Congresses

Transportation and Logistics

Assistance to all the Business Units of the group that require it, Organization and assistance to National and International Congresses


Group management communication, through the media, distance educational programs through existing media, TV, radio etc., to places where universities do not reach, inclusion and dissemination of news and culture through specialized media, inclusion of Sport as a practice of innovative communications, Inclusion of Technologies with a presence in the media with attendance at events of worldwide relevance of Information and Communication Technologies

Real Estate Investments

We specialize in adding value to your real estate investments, with a high range of solutions for the country where you want it. Construction of buildings. Construction of neighborhoods in exclusive places. Arming of local projects. Collaboration in selecting the best place for installation. We connect it to the world


SOLUTIONS: *Subscription and billing management, *Partner and channel management, *Supplier and product information management. / PLATFORMS: *CinTechIT Connect -Channel and catalog management platform-, *CinTechIT Trading -Multi-level trading platform-. / PRODUCTS: *Multiple Cloud Orchestrator -Optimize cloud workload deployments-. / SERVICES: *Professionals, *Managed, *Reduce IT costs, downtime and number of employees, *Growth and marketing services.

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Strategic Alliances

The following companies and professionals accompany our work to offer our customers the best solutions in the market:

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